California Garden – Day 01

February 23, 2012




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Colorado Check In

March 22, 2011

Colorado; oh how I adore your 60 degree weather in March. You bring a smile to my face quite often. You wanna know what doesn’t bring a smile anywhere near my face?? Two broken toes on the same foot. Fudge! There goes snowboarding and a serious yoga practice. On the positive side they are healing quickly and the pain has subsided mostly. My main concern is making sure they are back to normal by the end of April for Missouri. Picture time!

DECEMBER 27, 2010

March 22, 2011

I said goodbye to Maine last week. Maybe more on the lines of “see you later alligator” but I don’t know when that will be, so, it’s a straight up goodbye for now. I have given/received so many hugs over five seconds in duration that now when I hug anyone it turns into this weird “opps that was too long” type of hug. Oh well. I like long bear hugs anyway and those types of hugs were completely authentic with the wonderful friends I had made during my time up north. Long and squishy hugs feel so darn good, especially since it’s been quite some time since I have had my needs for physical touch met to an acceptable level.  I would say that I can go roughly four months without the slightest urge for companionship, but now my number’s running around six and that’s just too gosh darn long. I feel antsy, oversensitive to the slightest contact, and constantly wondering when those needs will be met. Life goes on though……

The farm season was absolutely fantastic, but I am ready for some much needed time off. My body and mind need a little rest. and then ….. MA and FL and VT and CO and finally to Rutledge, Missouri for a 6 month Natural Building Internship @ Dancing Rabbit. Can’t wait!!!

I wasn’t much of a whiskey fan until this year…. and now…..

OH! and if you haven’t seen Love Me If You Dare, please do. I can’t remember a movie to which I have had such an emotional reaction to. amazingly-lovingly-beautiful…..mmmmm.

Echo! Echo!

September 2, 2010

This place is collecting cobwebs. Right now life is better to be lived than written about. Maybe once the weather turns cold and the farm slows down, maybe then there will be more time for words??

Almost there…..

May 29, 2010

Monday is the official season opening of our farm stand! It’s amazing to see our hard work come full circle. Very exciting. I haven’t taken any farm pictures of recent…. too busy working extra hours, hang’n with the crew around the campfire and eating amazing food. I can’t remember the last time I ate a meal alone. Lovin it!

Last Saturday —–> serious discount shopping in Ellsworth, May Day festivities with lots of scrumptious food and tasty homemade hard cider, great food, drink and company at a local Blue Hill bar and last but not least …… an impromptu dance party in the middle of the woods. Pictures to prove it!

‘nother week down!

May 15, 2010

The weeks here are just rolling by. One day it’s Monday and the next, Friday. My body really needs the down time though. Last night was one big ball of fun. Greg and his guitar singing goofy songs, double fisting yummy beer, hooting and hollering and swig’n Jameson and then Jim and then more beer. I love my farming family. I want to wrap them all up and keep them forever.